FIFA 18 announced star ability to score

2017/8/4 16:27:51

In the data released by FIFA18, Ronaldo has a total ability of 94, the specific ability values are: speed 93, dribbling 93, shot 93, defense 46, passing 80, body 80; and Maradona total ability value 95, the ability values are: speed 88, dribbling 95, shot 91, defense 42, pass 90, body 75.

Can be seen from the game given the ability of the numerical point of view, Maradona is to prevail. Although these values have been as close as possible to the facts, but in fact it is difficult to be objective. Do not say anything else, take the body value, Ronaldo 80 and Maradona 75 are significantly lower. Not hurt the physical strength of the big Luo to metamorphosis, whether it is explosive or physical confrontation are scared of Heaven; and Maradona despite the height of only 1 meter 68, but the body of the sturdy but the height of the guard who suffer The

But no matter how much the value of the problem, in general, Maradona score higher than Ronaldo, there is no problem. Back to reality, Maradona is also better than Ronaldo. If the specific capacity of the figure is difficult to get a unified opinion, then compare the two in the national team and the club's achievements may be more direct way.

The two teams in the national team have won the World Cup this highest honor, 86 World Cup is Maradona one of the World Cup, and 02 years of the World Cup Ronaldo also won the top scorers and other top honors, if the World Cup honor you gap Not the words, then the honor level in the club, Maradona can be said to be rolling Ronaldo.

Ronaldo played for Eindhoven, Barcelona, Inter, Real Madrid, Milan and other big clubs, but whether it is the Champions League or the league, want to get a champion is always difficult, Inter Milan Juventus was suppressed, even in the decision of the title The last round against Lazio's game which powerless, was replaced after sitting on the bench crying into tears; and Maradona led the strength is not outstanding Naples will be Platini's Juventus and the Three Musketeers Milan Cut in the horse, became the fans in the future relish the miracle.