FIFA 17 players over 21 million

2017/5/10 17:32:52

EA released 2017 fiscal year report, the fourth quarter net income of $ 566 million, down 37%; annual net income of 967 million US dollars, or about 6.6 billion yuan, down year on year 16.5%. The main products "FIFA 17" players over 21 million, hand tour "Star Wars: Galactic Heroes" players play daily up to the highest historical 162 minutes.

The report shows that, as of March 31, 2017, EA annual hand tour $ 4.85 billion, of which digital income of $ 3 billion, an increase of 20%, accounting for 61% of total revenue. Although the performance of the decline, but the company's several major products still make EA good performance of investors favor, the current EA stock price has exceeded 100 US dollars, the company's market value of nearly 30 billion US dollars.

Products, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said that in the 2017 fiscal year, more than 19 million players to join the "Battlefield 1" than "Battlefield 4" increased by 50%; more than 21 million players to join the "FIFA 17", which has 1200 More than 10,000 people involved in the story mode.

As of the fourth quarter, "FIFA final team" the total number of players increased by 13%. "Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes" the average game time to reach the highest historical 162 minutes, "Sims 4" in the fourth quarter of the total number of active players per month also increased by 33%.

New products, the original plan in the end of 2017 listed BioWare new game will be extended to April 2018 sale. Wilson said the game attaches great importance to network services, the production plan is proceeding smoothly. In the 2018 fiscal year, EA is expected to achieve net income of 5.08 billion US dollars, net income of about 1.13 billion US dollars.