Brebne led FIFA17 weeks the best array

2017/5/12 17:16:41

This week is the best array of this ~


Goalkeeper: Fraser-Foster (Southampton England)

Zhongwei: Gareth (Valencia, Argentina)

Left back: Evra (Marseille France)

Right wing: Chamberlain (Arsenal)

Midfield: Debrunne (Manchester City Belgium)

Midfielder: De Rossi (Rome, Italy)

Midfield: Saouer (Atletico Madrid)

Right Front: Salipur (Gannang France)

Striker: Meltens (Naples, Belgium)

Guinakac (Tigers France)

Dzeko (Rome)


Goalkeeper: Little Schumacher (Leicester City of Denmark)

Left Wing: Bennett (Cardiff City England)

Right Front: Hula Khan (Norwich Ireland)

Left front: Le Mare (Monaco France)

Striker: Modeste (Cologne, France)

Left winger: Izquel more (Brugge Colombo)

Than when ancient (Cologne Germany)


In the avant-garde: Pascal (Italy)

Striker: Werner (RB Leipzig Germany)

Saipan (Philadelphia United States)

Hayle (All South Tianlong Brazil)

Gustav-Englewal (Jurgaden Sweden)